Fiat Chrysler Fined

Fiat Chrysler has been fined $70 million.

For failing to disclose significant ‘early warning report’ data about accidents, Fiat Chrysler has been fined $70 million in a statement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

At a time with the automotive industry is being scrutinized and many receiving hefty fines for safety concerns related to faulty emissions, seatbelts, ignitions and airbags….Fiat Chrysler is making the headlines for the second time this year.

Fiat Chrysler Has Been Fined
Fined Again

FCA claims the data was not reported due to faulty software, and the company has 6 months to deliver the missing info under to the agreement. The automaker said they plan to use this as an opportunity to improve the information and reporting procedures. This $70 million is being added to the previous $105 maximum fine from July this year.

We expect a $175 million fine will delay any plans to reduce the amount of plastic trim used in Fiat Chrysler vehicles for a while.

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