Toyota Top Automaker at 2016 R&D100 Awards

NOV. 08, 2016, Washington, D.C. – Toyota is already the leading automotive innovator, having been awarded more patents than any other automaker over the past 8 years. So it was no surprise when R&D Magazine awarded the year’s top 100 innovations in the global research and development space, that Toyota was the most awarded carmaker.

During the November 3rd event in Washington, D.C., innovators from the Toyota Research Institute, North America (TRI-NA) were recognized for their work on advances in hybrid and electric vehicle systems. The awarded technologies include dynamic wireless charging that allow EV/PEV/Hybrid batteries to be charged while driving and traction inverters that allow more efficient use of battery power.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) was also recognized with an R&D 100 award for thermal cooling advances in the Land Cruiser Prado.

Aside from the industry-leading three awards, Toyota was also nominated for two other technologies; Automotive electronics power cooling and omnidirectional structural color.

“As companies in the automotive industry transform themselves into broader mobility providers, no auto company better demonstrates innovation and technology for the future than Toyota,” said Jeff Makarewicz, senior vice president, Toyota Technical Center (TTC), Toyota’s North American research & development headquarters.  “We’re focused on delivering great experiences for our customers, a cornerstone of Toyota’s product commitment, and this recognition is proof we’re living up to that promise.”

Toyota’s recognition at the awards ceremony and its industry-leading patent numbers illustrate the company’s increasing success not only as global auto leader, but also as one of the world’s leading innovators.

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