The next generation Ford Mustang GT

There’s no doubt the next generation Ford Mustang GT will continue its tradition of performance for the masses. But we may look back at 2015 as the year this newest breed of V8 Mustangs made the world take notice. The new for 2015 independent rear suspension may be the most anticipated and overdue upgrade that will instantly transform this longtime stop light racer into a modern high performance sports coupe.  Mustangs should soon attract a new and larger group of drivers who expect a car to turn as well as it goes straight.  With final horsepower numbers yet to be revealed, the suspension and power increase over previous models should put track times on par with the performance tuned GT350 and a smile on many a face.

How does it look? It’s an unmistakable Mustang as it should be. Familiar yet three dimensional vertical taillights and a wider and more aggressive rear end combine with an updated and attractive grille with new led headlights upfront. The sides and hood don’t get any bonus points and look great from some angles while slightly plain vanilla from others.

Speed junkies may find it hard to lust for an M3 when a 2015 Mustang GT will offer nearly 450 horsepower at a fraction of the cost while future performance models should take the new platform to world beating levels.  And before you can say Saleen, I’d bet another 50 horsepower of simple bolt on or plug in performance upgrades will make their way to the aftermarket.

The high tech features luxury car buyers have come to expect will also be available without breaking the bank. Perimeter access and keyless start, heated and ventilated seats, voice command, Bluetooth, and Navigation are now standard or optional features that will make you question whether you’re really in a Ford.

Not surprisingly, you won’t find a dual clutch transmission on menu, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on future high performance variants. But I prefer to shift my own gears before V8’s and manual transmissions go the way of black and white tv’s.

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